Cropper crashes on Windows Vista x64

by Aboo Bolaky 18. October 2008 09:02

Just installed Cropper (Release 1.9.1) onto my x64 machine. A Bad Image Exception is thrown at runtime. Consequence : Control Panel ->Programs and Features -> Uninstall Cropper.

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Thankfully, Jeffrey Palermo has done a nice job in submitting a patch  [Change Set :18136] on CodePlex. Now, all you need to do is download the Change Set 18136, build the CropperSetup project and use the resulting msi file to install Cropper back again and there you go.....Bob's your uncle.

PS: Cropper rocks ...Thanks again Jeffrey  Cool

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Search Engines - Can you live without them?

by Aboo Bolaky 7. October 2008 08:50

While I was having a look at search engines and data retrieval (things that I had left aside for a while now), it dawned on me that it’s just so awfully complicated to PROPERLY implement an enterprise-wide search mechanism from scratch, despite the vast amount of info about search engines over the web and the fact that SEO books are now flying all over the place (you can catch one here, here or even higher up.. here).

The emergence of new search engines (or, should I say, ‘revamped’ search engines like Ask, Yahoo Search and Windows Live Search ) has created new paradigms in search and information retrieval. This has subsequently led to new ways of retrieving data that go far beyond normal text-based search. Examples are searching embedded text within images[I use Evenote..Remember Everything] or even locating a place on a map (given the appropriate geocodes).

Conversely, some questions can be raised about the efficiency of existing search processes, some of which are:-

  • PageRanking Algorithms –Up to what level can they be manipulated /spoofed upon?
  • Meta tags – Are they really being used in the context of a search?
  • UrlRewriting – To what extent do you attach meaning to your Urls?
  • Do you always display the most important information at the top of your web page?

Thankfully, these issues are being addressed by some (quite often conflicting) SEO experts. That’s all from me for today. Keep watching this space on how I get on with my quest for the ultimate search solution.


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If you are a student, then grab these Micosoft software for free - Dreamspark

by Aboo Bolaky 5. October 2008 11:04

Microsoft has been giving away free software as part of the Dreamspark project for students. This project allows students from all over the world (well, not really...coz currently there are only a specific list of countries presented..However, there is talk over the addition of more countries throughout the year) to DOWNLOAD several Development Tools and Operating Systems for free!! 

The online student verification process is linked to various universities and colleges and requires you to subsequently log on the respective "Learning Portals/Learning Management Systems (LMS)" in order to successfully validate you as a student.

Up for grabs are:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Professional Edition)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Standard Edition)
  • Microsoft Sql Server 2008 (Developer Edition)
  • XNA Game Studio 2.0
  • and a few more...




Recursively delete _svn folders

by Aboo Bolaky 4. October 2008 09:37

Basically, there are several ways to approach this problem.

1. Ditch Windows Development and use any flavour of Unix. The commands on the Unix shells are far more functional (and better...i think) and you'd be amazed as to what you can do. Drawback here is that you need to choose your favourite shell and learn the commands inside out..Not so easy Frown. Well, the good news here is that if ever you need to recursively delete _svn folders, you only need to do a simple search on google and you'll get your answer within a few clicks. Or, better still, drop Colin a few lines. I'm sure he will be able to help you out Laughing

2. Have a peek at Eber Irigoyen Blog. He has provided us with a simple one-liner command that runs off the command line.  [Nice one dude...]

for /f "usebackq" %d in (`"dir *_svn /ad/b/s"`) do rd /s/q "%d"

3. Simple enough. This involves using Tortoise SVN Client to export your project somewhere else. By doing so, all svn folders will be subsequently deleted in the destination folder.

4. Now this is the techie bit. If you think that all the solutions above are too trivial, you may want to have a look at the FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite available on Codeplex . This suite comprises of over 170 tasks including the .NET framework, TFS , IIS 7 and many more. Documentation is given for each and every task. HINT : use the FDTFolder task to recursively delete _svn folders.

5. If none of these work for you, may I suggest grabbing yourself a drink and flex your fingers for some mouse and keyboard delete action.


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Annoying Large Icons in the Windows Vista Deskop - Decrease Icon Size

by Aboo Bolaky 4. October 2008 09:26

If you are tired with the big fat desktop icons that come along with Windows Vista, there's something to cheer you up. To decrease the size of the icons, simple click anywhere on your desktop.While pressing the CTRL key, use your wheel mouse to increase/decrease the size of the icons. The sweet thing here is that the sizes are persisted across restarts. Too bad for you if you do not have a wheel mouse..maybe it's about time to get one? Money mouth


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