Recursively delete _svn folders

by Aboo Bolaky 4. October 2008 09:37

Basically, there are several ways to approach this problem.

1. Ditch Windows Development and use any flavour of Unix. The commands on the Unix shells are far more functional (and better...i think) and you'd be amazed as to what you can do. Drawback here is that you need to choose your favourite shell and learn the commands inside out..Not so easy Frown. Well, the good news here is that if ever you need to recursively delete _svn folders, you only need to do a simple search on google and you'll get your answer within a few clicks. Or, better still, drop Colin a few lines. I'm sure he will be able to help you out Laughing

2. Have a peek at Eber Irigoyen Blog. He has provided us with a simple one-liner command that runs off the command line.  [Nice one dude...]

for /f "usebackq" %d in (`"dir *_svn /ad/b/s"`) do rd /s/q "%d"

3. Simple enough. This involves using Tortoise SVN Client to export your project somewhere else. By doing so, all svn folders will be subsequently deleted in the destination folder.

4. Now this is the techie bit. If you think that all the solutions above are too trivial, you may want to have a look at the FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite available on Codeplex . This suite comprises of over 170 tasks including the .NET framework, TFS , IIS 7 and many more. Documentation is given for each and every task. HINT : use the FDTFolder task to recursively delete _svn folders.

5. If none of these work for you, may I suggest grabbing yourself a drink and flex your fingers for some mouse and keyboard delete action.


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