Playing God with Windows 7

by aboo bolaky 7. January 2010 08:52

This is going to be a quick one.

To enable "GodMode" on Windows 7, create a folder on your desktop and rename it to the following:


The icon for the folder automatically changes to a "system-settings-like" icon. From there, you can basically manage EVERYTHING on your pc..

Go on...Give it a try.

Thanks Bro. 



How to change Logon Screen in Windows Vista

by Aboo Bolaky 11. February 2009 07:33

This may be known to some of you but today, I came across this fancy application :LogonStudio Vista (by Stardock).

This application allows you to change the logon screen of Windows Vista to a wallpaper of your choice.

It's available for download on CNET. As a side note, I do recommend you to have a go at other applications that Stardock have built...who might  like one of them :P

PS: Flavours include Windows XP for XP edition,  Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit for Vista edition



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Annoying Large Icons in the Windows Vista Deskop - Decrease Icon Size

by Aboo Bolaky 4. October 2008 09:26

If you are tired with the big fat desktop icons that come along with Windows Vista, there's something to cheer you up. To decrease the size of the icons, simple click anywhere on your desktop.While pressing the CTRL key, use your wheel mouse to increase/decrease the size of the icons. The sweet thing here is that the sizes are persisted across restarts. Too bad for you if you do not have a wheel mouse..maybe it's about time to get one? Money mouth


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Windows Update fails after installing WinXP SP3

by Aboo Bolaky 9. September 2008 07:55

Yesterday, I took the courage to format my laptop and install a brand new Windows XP. After having spent hours in finding my notebook drivers, I decided to go ahead with it and trashed all my existing partitions and re-created new ones (I must have loved this because its been such a long time..:P ).

HOURS Later (yes..its an old laptop), I launched windows update. Win XP SP3 came up as a priority and therefore I installed it..After having rebooted the machine, I re-lauched WU to install the other updates(the most important update for me was IE7)..Once the download updates were complete, all the subsequent installations failed!!! Of course, there wasn't any log as to why the updates failed to install!!

It turns out that I did not reboot my machine after having installed the Windows Update Agent (RECALL: this is the first step prior to downloading updates from WU). Since SP3 was installed straight after the installation of WU Agent, some dlls were not properly registered and that caused updates to fail. KB943144 goes into a bit more detail and provides resolutions to this problem

Oh what a life...




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